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Spirit Communication ~ Mediumship

A Mediumship session can help you connect with loved ones, including pets, that have crossed over to the spirit realm.  Whether you need reassurance that your loved one is safely on the 'other side', or simply feel the desire to connect, a reading with spirit can help you feel their love and presence.

Bringing validation through the 'evidence' such as personal details, memories and messages, your loved ones can let you know they continue to exist, live, and want to help you as you move along your healing path and life. Our loved ones are always wanting to help and let you know they are near.   
Sessions can run up to 45 minutes.

Soul Path Sessions ~ Personal Consultations

Personal  consultations can help you gain clarity, counsel, direction and help assist you through, above and beyond obstacles and challenges you may be working through or, have questions about.  If you are curious about your soul path, soul mate or your soul's calling a personal consultation can help you discover the answers and solutions to realize your goals and dreams.  If you are seeking a spiritual assessment to learn more about your inherent spiritual abilities, a personal consult can help you discover what lies within your powerful self. Want to check on what energies are affecting your life? Which energies are helpful to you? A consultation can cover these topics and more. Your spirit guides and angels love to support you and offer their divine guidance. 

Your spirit guides, angels and all your celestial helpers  (the universe!) want to assist you to live your full potential, to be empowered, reach your goals and  divinely map your way to your happiness.
Available in 30 and 60 minute sessions.

Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring and Coaching are available in private sessions or you can join a scheduled workshop. Mentoring for your intuitive or mediumship development can help you to discover your personal style, personal power and natural ability to connect to the energies of our universe and propel your personal or business goals and dreams forward.  Whether you are an entrepreneur wanting to serve the public, or an existing professional looking to refresh or expand your skill-set, the mentoring programs and one-on-one coaching are supported by Leanda's 25+ years of training, skill and knowledge. You will receive tools and knowledge to put into use immediately. 

Mentoring/Coaching sessions and packages are available to you after you have participated in a 1-hr Soul Path OR Mentoring/Coaching session that will help determine and map out your goals and focus for your coaching or mentoring sessions.

Spiritual Life Counselling

Integrative spiritual counselling takes into consideration your whole being - body, mind and soul - integrating spirituality and traditional therapeutic counselling methods such as CBT, Gestalt, Brief. Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and your preferred spiritual preferences. In this manner, you can incorporate all that is important to you or, not. As with all counselling support, goals are set by you and with you, so that you gain the most benefit from your sessions.

When body-mind-spirit are in harmony, the soul thrives.

Areas of specialization:
Anxiety, Depression, Self-Esteem, Personal Growth & Development, Separation & Divorce, Highly Sensitive/Empaths, Stress & Burnout, Grief & Loss, Spiritual/Psychic Crisis, Palliative, Relationship, Trauma

*These therapeutic sessions are NOT readings.

Finding a counsellor or spiritual healer/therapist that you feel is a good fit for you is important. You want to feel comfortable knowing they can assist you in the areas you want help with.

If you have never had a session with Leanda please contact her prior to booking your first session to briefly discuss what brings you to seek counselling at this point along your life path.

*** To book an in-person session please email or call to arrange a booking.***

*Online sessions are equally effective as in-person sessions*

Groups & Private Events

Group sessions are an intimate way for friends and family to gather and spend time connecting with loved ones in spirit. Group size minimum is 5 participants. Email to request a group event or speaking engagement.

The "other side" is closer and larger than you may realize.
Our loved ones in spirit are closer and more available than you think.
Do they watch over and want to help? Most definitely yes.

All sessions are confidential - your privacy and personal information is kept confidential. Personal or contact information is not shared with any other party unless you have given your permission to do so. You are welcome to record your session however please note that the only recording device acceptable is a digital recorder (most smart phones have a built-in voice recorder). There may be circumstances where electronic devices will not be permitted to run during the session. No camera/video permitted unless direct permission is given. By selecting a Zoom video appointment or recording your appointment you are agreeing that you are wholly responsible for the confidentiality and safe-keeping of any recordings or devices that you have chosen to download to or store those recordings on.

Please review the Disclaimer for terms of service.


About Leanda Rae

"I listen to Spirit. Theirs, yours, mine. I'm listening to all Spirit."

Leanda is an internationally known British-trained medium, clairvoyant, spiritual teacher and mentor providing both private and group sessions, public galleries and workshops. Her book, The Love of Spirit: My Journey Into Mediumship is available on Amazon and at select bookstores.

With over twenty-five years experience, Leanda has touched many souls and hearts through her work as a psychic, medium and healer whether in a personal sitting, public demonstration, or attending one of her exceptional workshops.  Along with various special events she has appeared on CKCU’s  Namaste Radio,  12Listen Radio, iHeart Radio and at the Body Mind & Spirit Expo, the Women's Fair and the Women’s Voices Festival. She has been a keynote speaker at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. summer retreat and a tutor at the popular Seabeck Mediumship Retreat in WA.

Leanda holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling,  is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and has studied mediumship at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in England. She has studied with top mediums and healing practitioners from North America and Europe. She works with clientele around the world and is based in the Vancouver, Canada region.

Leanda has been a sensitive since birth, but a "near-death" event at age 12 started her 're-awakening"' to her awareness of Spirit.  A few years later Leanda began to consciously experience and acknowledge her strong connection to the spirit world.

Passionate about her role as a messenger for spirit Leanda knows that the information that comes through to us intuitively, psychically, through spirit, angels, guides, is meant to provide us with hope, healing, inspiration, happiness and empowerment so we may live our lives to their fullest, now, knowing we have tremendous love and support from the great spirit world.

"I am inspired and amazed every day at how Spirit helps us, and of how connected we really are, to all of Source."



How Long Have You Been Doing This Work?
Over twenty-five years. I have been providing consultations since my teen years and in my early 20's made the decision to offer the service to the general public. Since then, I have been teaching, mentoring, coaching and providing mediumship, intuitive consultations and development training to clients around the world.

What Should I Do To Prepare for my Session?
There is nothing special that you need to do to prepare for your session but it is helpful if you make sure you have had something to eat before coming. If your stomach is growling you will probably make me hungry too! You also might forget to ask an important question.
Please don't drink (alcohol) or get high before your session. This affects your energy and the energy of the workspace. In order to keep the workspace clear and welcoming for Spirit and the highest energies, this part is important.

Can I Record My Session?
Yes, you are welcome to bring your digital recorder to your personal consulting session (such as smartphone, digital voice recorder). Cameras or video are not permitted in any session unless you have received permission in writing. The energies in session can affect electric and electronic devices so the quality of your recording cannot be guaranteed, nor is it guaranteed that your device will function properly during the session. There are some circumstances where you will not be able to run an electronic device. If your private session is online via Zoom, it will be recorded and available for you to download. Recording is not permitted in gallery or group settings without permission.

How Do I Book a Private Event or Group Sitting?
Please send an email with your inquiry and provide the details of your event including the number of expected attendees. date and location (city).
Please include a telephone number where you can be reached.  We will connect with you once we have your request.

My friend just passed away - When is it appropriate for a mediumship reading?
Every transition is unique just as every soul and every person is different. The grieving process is unique to each person. If you have any questions or concerns about "timing" of a session please contact Leanda with your query.

Is it scary?
A session with a psychic, medium, clairvoyant, reader of any kind should NEVER leave you in a position that you are scared or frantic. A good medium/psychic should have your well-being at heart and not be attempting to frighten you, charge you money for curse removal or cures. If your loved ones or angels are worried about you they will let you know in a way that you will understand so it will help you, not frighten you.

Do You Have a Disclaimer?
Yes.  Click HERE to read it.

grateful & blessed


I was lucky to have a session with Leanda after I physically lost my son and wanted to understand why I was hurting so much. Leanda was able to communicate with my son and gave me accurate information which gave me comfort and a sense of peace that is with me to this day. Leanda is simply amazing, down to earth, and accurate. Thank You. ~Anna~

I have used Leanda’s services multiple times for both spirit communication and intuitive guidance. Leanda is kind, compassionate, caring and incredibly perceptive. Her guidance is spot on and is delivered honestly, directly but gently. As for her mediumship abilities, she is the real deal and has incredible integrity. The first time I met with her, she was unable to clearly connect with anyone I recognized. After trying and trying, she gave me the option of scheduling another appointment or providing a refund. This shows her absolute honesty, integrity and professionalism and I will never forget that. I highly recommend seeing Leanda if you want to connect with the other side - whether it is specific individuals or you are seeking guidance, Leanda will be able to help you through. She is an amazing individual, medium and counselor. Thank you Leanda!!  ~Angie~

I have had many experiences with Leanda, who is a wonderful Psychic Medium!  Readings are fantastic and very deep to the emotional point  of things and very evidential as well.  I really enjoyed her instructional classes on mediumship, where she is able to hold the energy and create a great vibe in the room, conducive for learning and expanding our knowledge in mediumship and psychic work. I found her classes very helpful and my ability was heightened in her environment. I highly recommend Leanda as a teacher or for a private reading or demonstration. ~Nicole~

I wanted to let you know how correct your reading was. Your reading was a very important link in this whole process for me. Thank you so much. ~Dorothy~

I have had several readings and I feel Leanda is an authentic psychic medium; the real deal. She uses all her senses and makes herself clearly understood, and definitely cares about healing. ~Lori~

I had never gone to a psychic medium before...it wasn't what I expected at all. Leanda has a natural warmth that made me feel very comfortable and at peace. She was extremely accurate in her readings...I was amazed! It was emotionally uplifting when she was communicating with loved ones who had crossed over. My reading was very fulfilling and extremely accurate. ~Sandra~

I have found my sessions with Leanda to be wonderful, uplifting and insightful experiences. Her ability to help me understand and gain perspective on what is happening in my life is astounding. I leave feeling uplifted and feel that I truly have the help of angels, walking with me and helping me day by day. ~Linda~

Your workshop was an awakening for me. You are truly gifted and beautiful person. Thank you. I cannot tell you how much I have gained, so much insight and knowledge in such a small amount of time. YOU HAVE LITERALLY CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! ~Celine~

Until I attended a one day workshop with Leanda, I had no idea of what I could actually do beyond the things I had learned on my own.  In one day, I learned that I am not only capable of doing medium work and readings, but that I am actually good at them!  Leanda’s way of working with her students is gentle, informative, positive and always encouraging. Leanda created such a warm, safe group that I was able to try new things and leave at the end of the day feeling more confident than ever. Not only have my abilities expanded since I went to the workshop, but I feel a closer connection to the Spirit world than I did before. Thank you, Leanda. ~Heather~

I had an awesome accurate reading from Leanda at an 'open house' evening! Her detailed descriptions were amazing ...thank you again Leanda. ~Gael~

Thank you for your reading. It was very refreshing and insightful. It is uncanny, but, you were spot on. ~Miguel~

You were right on, again, with your reading. ~Catherine~

I want to thank you so much for helping me release my pain.  I feel very humbled by the entire experience and our conversation has helped me understand so much about myself. ~Deborah~

Leanda is highly skilled, immediately makes one feel at ease and is sincere in her approach. She sets the bar high and is also an excellent teacher. ~Athena~

I won a free session with Leanda and it was amazing! She was able to connect me with someone I had been trying to connect with for a little over a decade. She was very good at describing what was coming through and so accurate. It brought me so much peace and joy. I have never experienced anything like this and will be booking another session for sure and will most definitely be recommending her. ~Julie~

You did some wonderful work with me and did some wonderful consulting with me and I just wanted to touch base after all these years to say I’ve always found that you’ve been amazing at the work you do and I’m grateful that you do this work on this planet, and I’m sure that you’ve helped many many people. I know you’ve helped everyone that you’ve touched. Thank you for what you do.~Johrey~

Leanda, what can I say? Your gifts know no bounds. Your teaching is just amazing. You have a humongous heart and such a bright shining soul that lights up the world. Thank you for being you. ~Louise~

Leanda's gift as a clairvoyant and medium has never ceased to amaze me. During my last session with her, she was able to provide me with insightful information on my husband's health. She was able to pinpoint specific health issues that I didn't even know existed until he confirmed them with me hours after Leanda's reading. She was able to give me significant information. I highly recommend her for her vision, her intuition, and her compassion. She's a very gifted medium and a wonderful spirit. ~Debbie~

When I give a rating.... I don't give it lightly. If I could give more stars I would. More than once she has shown me how "real" she is, words can NOT describe the gifts her presence has given me. This woman exudes so much more words can say, her presence, beautiful smile and sincere eyes illuminate her spirit.... she is one of a kind. I treasure the gift of ever having her in my life. ~Jenny~

I saw Leanda on a regular basis for both healing and consultations. She gave me, through spirit, the direction and insight I needed to help me heal on all levels. Thank you Leanda, for the strength and courage I have gained and most importantly thank you for making communication with my mother in spirit possible. ~Dora~

I have to say I feel so much more settled and confidant in my own abilities since our time together. I am listening closer for the whispers and following my angels' and guides' guidance. I've also tried the exercise and it really did work. Thank you for everything Leanda!  ~Trisha~

Leanda has shared soul insights with me that have deeply affected the decisions I have subsequently made in my life – all for the good!  To know that I am lovingly surrounded by my angels and guides is wonderfully affirming.  Leanda has opened up such a special spiritual window for me, and for this heavenly view I say, “Thank you.”” ~Kita Szpak, Author, Speaker, Happiness Expert~


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